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Transforming Workdays and Building Key Business Systems.

Are you spending all your time managing the day-to-day of your business? Do you find that there are ongoing projects on your plate with no end in sight? Business is growing, but at what cost? If you feel you have asked these questions before, then it may be time for an OBM or what we call a Virtual Manager.

Differentiating OBM from a VA

Online Business Managers, or OBM for short, are different from Virtual Assistants because they often go beyond task completion. OBMs can offer anything from managing your business for you to create systems to keep it running smoothly. When working with an OBM, communication is key; do it consistently and frequently. Communicate your needs to them and allow their experience to guide you to the most suitable fit for you.  Be as explicit with your OBM as possible, even if you don’t yet know what you need. Most OBMs are business owners themselves, so they can easily assess your business and offer an arrangement specific to you. When discussing an arrangement, consider what is the most cost-effective to your bottom line and your growth. However, don’t let the cost of engaging an OBM overshadow potential growth. Most business owners assume that they cannot afford an OBM, but this is often untrue. A discovery of your specific goals and activities usually helps end you up with being able to configure the right cost and services that fit your needs.

Multiply Yourself

So, if you feel business could benefit more from a doppelganger of yourself than an extra hand, it’s time for an OBM. Don’t let the cost of engaging an OBM to become your only consideration of not moving forward. Time is money, and OBMs just might save you both. Want to know more about OBMs? Visit to discover more.